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  MCOL is a leading publisher of health care business information, offering online memberships, newsletters, webinars, training software, resource books, directories, web content, and much more to managed care and other health care professionals since 1995.  
  MCOL offers online memberships with a package of exclusive e-newsletters, member only web sites, and more. Click here to download a MCOL membership flyer.  
MCOL Premium Membership
Receive HealthWebSummit and MCOL product discounts, complimentary annual webinar, over a dozen important e-newsletters & e-zines, and an exclusive web site loaded with archives, articles, data, presentations, podcasts, news, tools, and special features. Details...
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   $ 15 month
  $180 annual

MCOL Premium Plus Membership
All the benefits of a Premium Membership, extensive Plus database files, searchable Health Plan Database, Plus Companion e-newsletter subscription, and MCOL Global subscription. Details...
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   $ 25 month
  $300 annual

MCOL Global Subscription
Receive a package of international health care e-newsletters and an exclusive subscriber web site. Details...
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  $7.50 month
  $   90 annual

MCOL Basic Membership
Sign up now for MCOL Basic, and get a special package of valuable e-newsletters plus a members only menu full of health care business knowledge resources, at no cost to you. Details...
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Membership Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with MCOL Memberships for any reason, you can cancel them at any time. If you subscribed for monthly payments via credit card, you will not be charged for future months after your cancellation. If you subscribed on an annual basis, you will be refunded for any remaining months on a pro-rata basis.
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