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The Health Insurance Exchange Directory 2015

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Atlantic Information Services
Health Insurance Exchange Database: 2015 Plans and Premiums Health Insurance Exchange Database: 2015 Plans and Premiums
Comparative database of health plans listed on state and federal public exchanges, featuring information on premium rates, participating carriers and enrollment. Comprehensive CD includes the database, formatted and standardized in Excel — plus mailing lists of public exchange executives and vendors working with the exchanges.

Health Policy Publishing
Population Health News Population Health News
Population Health News is the twelve page monthly newsletter with detailed feature articles contributed by leading national experts and executives in the field, Thought Leader insights; Industry Briefs; profile of a key individual involved with population health; plus more. Detailed information is available at www.populationhealthnews.com.
HealthQuest Publishers
HealthQuest Online Subscription   HealthQuest Online Subscription
HealthQuest subscriptions provide searchable on-line 24/7 access to three continually updated databases: The National Managed Care Leadership Directory, Health Care Executive Profiles, and MCOL's Health Plan Directory. With a HealthQuest Subscription, you can target your information needs using a variety of powerful and easy to use search options, and access these databases anyplace, any time on the web.
MCOL Memberships
MCOL Memberships   MCOL Premium Membership
Receive HealthWebSummit and MCOL product discounts, complimentary annual webinar, over a dozen important e-newsletters & e-zines, and an exclusive web site loaded with archives, articles, data, presentations, podcasts, news, tools, and special features.
MCOL Learning
MCOL Learning   Accountable Care Learning Kit
The Accountable Care Learning Kit Version 6 has been designed by MCOL to provide you and your organization the tools to understand and reference key information, insights and resources regarding Accountable Care Organizations. Priced individually, this Learning Kit would retail well in excess of $1,000. The Accountable Care Learning Kit is available to you and your organization for just $395.
Payers and Providers
Payers & Providers   Payers & Providers (California Edition)
Payer & Provider California Edition Paid Subscriptions receive the Weekly Payer & Provider California Edition via email notification listing issue highlights, with links to viewing options for each issue. Paid Subscribers also receive benefits with their subscription.
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