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ACO Learning Kit

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         Selected resources for Healthcare Business Professionals from leading organizations
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Atlantic Information Services
AIS's Directory of Health Plans: 2015 Case Study: How a Major Insurer Extended Its Legacy System to Thrive on HealthCare.gov
Join us for this free webinar and discover how Physician's Health Plan (PHP) successfully implemented an exchange enrollment and premium billing system from Softheon -- just two months before 2015 open-enrollment -- and met its enrollment expectations.
Health Policy Publishing
Healthcare Innovation News Healthcare Innovation News
Healthcare Innovation News is the twelve page monthly newsletter with detailed feature articles contributed by leading national experts and executives involved with innovation and transformation of the delivery of healthcare, Thought Leader insights; Industry Briefs; profile of a key individual involved with healthcare innovation; plus more. 
HealthQuest Publishers
Supersized B2B Health List   Supersized B2B Health List
Custom Select your Health Care Business Mailing from the B2B Database. Select from 56,000+ professionals from health management and managed care. Selections include standardized organization categories and job levels, in addition to state. Selections can also be randomized to fit a specified number of requested records. Your selection is delivered via download or e-mail, in Excel format.
MCOL Memberships
MCOL Memberships   MCOL Premium Membership
Receive HealthWebSummit and MCOL product discounts, complimentary annual webinar, over a dozen important e-newsletters & e-zines, and an exclusive web site loaded with archives, articles, data, presentations, podcasts, news, tools, and special features.
MCOL Learning
MCOL Learning   Managed Care Training Kit
The single most effective, affordable and easy to use e-learning application for professionals involved with managed care at all levels! An ongoing resource to easily raise the managed care IQ in any organization.  Updated version just released!
Payers and Providers
Payers & Providers   Payers & Providers California Edition
Payers & Providers is the premier weekly publication covering healthcare business and policy news in California. Its veteran editorial staff reports on breaking stories in a lively and concise manner. Its unique Opinion section provides thoughts from the most influential leaders in the healthcare industry.
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