June Newsletter Vol. 3, Issue 6,  June 2012
Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM
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Selected resources for Healthcare Business Professionals from leading organizations
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Atlantic Information Services
  AIS’s Database and Report on 2011 Medical Loss Ratios
This comprehensive CD (and accompanying printed report) is packed with 2011 medical loss ratio (MLR) data filed with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) by 342 health plans and their subsidiaries. It is a convenient resource of data in Excel files, charts and reports that allows you to quickly compare MLRs — and each component of the MLR calculation — by plan, state and group size.
Contexo Media

  2013 Procedural Coding Changes Workshop - Dec 11, 2012: Live Online Event
Don't miss this opportunity to join hundreds of your colleagues to meet, discuss, and learn from the experts. This workshop has been approved for 7 CEUs from AAPC, AHIMA and AHCAE.  You'll receive the same great procedural coding changes information presented at the live location workshops. The instructor and networking opportunities will be the same and you'll be able to attend a live Q&A during the event.

Health Policy Publishing
Health Policy Publishing Predictive Modeling News
The Monthly Newsletter for health care professionals interested in predictive analytics, available in print and electronically, plus on-line archives and supplemental content.
HealthQuest Publishers
HealthQuest Publishers   The Accountable Care Directory 2012
The perfect resource for collaborating, networking, recruiting, marketing or monitoring of Accountable Care Organizations.
MCOL Memberships
MCOL Memberships   MCOL Gold Paid Membership
Receive HealthWebSummit and MCOL product discounts, complimentary annual webinar, over a dozen important e-newsletters & e-zines, and an exclusive web site loaded with archives, articles, data, presentations, podcasts, news, tools, and special features. Plus extensive Silver Level data files, searchable Health Plan Database and a Global Health Resources Subscription.
MCOL Learning
MCOL Software   Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM
The single most effective, affordable and easy to use e-learning application for professionals involved with managed care at all levels!
 Payers and Providers
  The Many Stories of One Litigious Physician
This white paper raises significant questions regarding the payment levels specialist physicians receive to be on call, the role hospitals play in supervising their medical staffs, and the consumer protections available to patients.
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