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The ACO Directory 2016
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Atlantic Information Services

Specialty Pharmacy Trends and Strategies: 2016-2017 Edition
AIS's Directory of Health Plans
AIS’s Directory of Health Plans is well-regarded throughout the industry for providing enrollment data in a consistent, comparable manner and for being a thorough and definitive tool to calculate health plan market share. The listings include national and state-level enrollment by company and by type of product, company and ownership information, key executives by job function and much more. Available as a printed book, as data files on a CD or USB Flash Drive, or — new for this edition — as an interactive website, to permit the creation of specific analyses that suit the needs of each user.

Health Policy Publishing
Medical Home News Medical Home News
The Monthly Newsletter for health care professionals interested in Patient Centered Medical Homes, available in print and electronically, plus on-line archives and supplemental content.
HealthQuest Publishers
Health Insurance Exchange Directory Health Insurance Exchange Directory
The ideal resource for collaborating, networking, recruiting, marketing or monitoring of Health Insurance Marketplaces. This directory includes all public exchanges, public partnership exchanges and plan management arrangements as of the date of publication as well as numerous private exchanges and exchange platforms.
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MCOL Memberships   MCOL Premium Membership
Receive HealthWebSummit and MCOL product discounts, complimentary annual webinar, over a dozen important e-newsletters & e-zines, and an exclusive web site loaded with archives, articles, data, presentations, podcasts, news, tools, and special features.
MCOL Learning
MCOL Learning   Accountable Care Learning Kit
A learning resource kit on Accountable Care Organizations, including overview, faculty presentation videos (synchronized slides w/audio); articles, documents, quiz & executive profiles
Payers and Providers
Payers & Providers   What California Hospital CEOs Earn: Executive Summary
Get Payers & Providers White Paper Executive Summary providing survey results of chief executive officer salaries at 150 hospitals and health systems throughout California.
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