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March Newsletter                                                      Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2010

    Selected resources for Healthcare Business Professionals from leading organizations
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The National Managed Care Leadership Directory

 AAPPO: American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations
AAPPO   AAPPO Industry Link connects you to a single comprehensive source of expert PPO information easily accessible online, with three components to help you succeed: Outlook Connect - Market & Industry Trend Report; Contact Connect; and Directory Connect.
 AIS: Atlantic Information Services
AIS   AIS's Directory of Health Plans covers: National and state-level enrollment data by company; National enrollment by type of product; Company contact information and ownership information; Types of primary care products offered; and Key executives by job function. 
 Allan Baumgarten's Managed Care Reviews
Allan Baumgarten   Texas Health Market Review provides a competitive assessment of health plans and hospital systems in the state. and is available in Report and Data Set formats. Historical Reports and Data Sets are also available.
 CRG Research Reports
Corporate Research Group   Managed Care IT Success Stories, 2010 is a 100-page report that outlines the market for managed care information technology and provides case studies on how healthy plans are using IT to win in the marketplace information you can use to plan your own IT initiatives and innovations.
 Dorland Health
Dorland Health   The National Directory of Mental Health & Addiction Services:
Day in and day out, public and private sector agencies dealing with the toughest mental health and addiction related issues facing individuals today turn to this Directory to help them locate essential services, with over 43,000 contacts at their fingertips.
 HIN: Healthcare Intelligence Network
HIN   2010 Healthcare Benchmarks Yearbook: Metrics, Measurements & Innovations: a comprehensive collection of benchmarks in key areas of healthcare activity and growth such as medical homes; reduction of hospital readmissions; health coaching; patient outreach; financial incentives & telehealth to foster behavior change and reverse spend.
 Health Policy Publishing

Health Policy Publishing

  Predictive Modeling News - The Monthly Newsletter for health care professionals interested in predictive analytics, available in print and electronically, plus on-line archives and supplemental content. E-mail & request a free sample issue.
 HealthQuest Publishers
HealthQuest Publishers   Supersized B2B Health List: Custom select your health care business mailing from up to 42,000+ health care and managed care business professionals. Selections include standardized organization categories, job levels, and state. .
 Irving Levin Associates
Irving Levin   The SeniorCare Investor Newsletter - tracks mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, bankruptcies and corporate finance in the senior care market, including nursing home and assisted living companies, retirement communities, REITs and home healthcare. Corporate earnings, key financial indicators, stock forecasts, plus expert news and analysis.
 Managed Healthcare Market Newsletter
Managed Healthcare Market Newsletter   Managed Healthcare Market Newsletter offers data, insights and strategic intelligence, with hard-hitting coverage of breaking industry news, financial performance, mergers and acquisitions, market share, legal and regulatory developments, membership growth, premium and cost trends, and much more.
 MCIC: The Managed Care Information Center
MCIC   The National Directory of Medical Directors Database - more than 1400+ physician executives have been identified in this new and unique database resource. Discover the key contact names of physicians at the nation's leading managed care organizations - HMOs, PPOs and specialty MCOs and physician executives.
 MCOL Memberships
MCOL Memberships   Global Health Resources Subscription - Receive a package of international health care e-newsletters and an exclusive web site including searchable global resource databases, Who's Who in International Health Care, country and region specific international news feeds, and many additional resources.
 MCOL Software
MCOL Software   Managed Care Training Manual CD-ROM The single most effective, affordable and easy to use e-learning application for professionals involved with managed care at all levels! An ongoing resource to easily raise the managed care IQ in any organization.
 Sherlock Company
Sherlock Company   PULSE Newsletter published monthly, provides a continuing dashboard of norms for health plan performance, enabling managers to identify areas of variance. PULSE reports on key events affecting the health plan industry; provides detailed financial information on every publicly traded plan company; and provides indepth analyses.
 Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters   The Sourcebook - The gold standard for measuring hospital operations and financial performance with five years of proprietary comparative and historical data on nearly 60 key performance measures for 150+ hospital comparison groups.
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