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(updated 1/14/2010)  
The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as set forth herein are applicable to visitors to, and for purchasers of MCOL products. By visiting and continued use of these web sites, or by purchasing MCOL products, you signify your acceptance of all provisions of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as set forth herein. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, please do not continue use of these web sites, registration for HealthExecStore News or purchase of MCOL products.

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Privacy Policy
Purchasers of MCOL products and parties submitting e-inquiries regarding products offered via HealthExecStore are automatically registered to receive HealthExecStore News e-newsletters and periodic announcements. Web site visitors who choose to do so may also register to receive these e-newsletters and announcements. However, any recipeint of HealthExecStore News and Announcements may opt-out at any time from receiving future HealthExecStore News and Announcements by following the opt-out instructions provided in HealthExecStore News, or by directly contacting HealthExecStore using the contact information below and requesting to unsubscribe. Please note, unsubscribing from this distribution list may not necessarily cancel subscriptions to other applicable MCOL e-mail distribution lists, unless you contact MCOL and request cancellation of all e-mailings.

MCOL will not sell, exchange or otherwise share HealthExecStore News e-mail addresses to any other party or organization without the explicit permission of the user. MCOL reserves the right to transfer title of its e-mail and other contact information to a third party at any time.

Terms of Use
MCOL does not provide any warranty or guarantee of products or services offered by HealthExecStore partners other than MCOL, and MCOL bears no responsibility or liability for the product or service purchase or transactions, or submission of e-mail addresses or personal information made directly between visitors to this web site and HealthExecStore partners other than MCOL. MCOL of course does warranty and bear responsibility for purchase and transaction of MCOL products purchased by visitors to this web site, as specifically provided in the product information available online for applicable MCOL products.

The HealthExecStore web site and HealthExecStore e-mail News and announcements provide sponsored product and service information on behalf of HealthExecStore partners, which include links and order information that will direct users to the partner web sites or other means of direct contact with the HealthExecStore partner. MCOL bears no responsibility or liability for the content or transactions incurred from HealthExecStore partner web sites or direct contact by users with partners. Users should refer to any applicable warranty, guarantee or terms of service information provided by HealthExecStore partners regarding use of their web sites or purchase of their products and services.


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