Health Policy Publishing Multiple Publication Discounts

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Multiple Health Policy Publishing newsletter discounts are available for the following newsletters:

       (ISSN: Refer to respective Newsletter links above to determine applicable ISSN)

Media: Electronic (pdf)*

Frequency: Monthly*

*Please note that Value-Based Payment News is a semi-monthly electronic only publication


  • Accountable Care News and Population Health News: $595 Annual / $49.50 Monthly
  • Value-Based Payment News and Accountable Care News or  Value-Based Payment News and Population Health News: $540 Annual / $ Monthly $45.00
  • All three publications: $640 annually / $53.35 monthly

Multiple publication discounts are subject to applicable Health Policy Publishing terms and conditions including:

  • Subscriber must strictly adhere to copyright provisions that prohibit distribution of any kind to persons not covered under the site license or other discount agreement, in order for the discount to remain in effect
  • MCOL must approve of the eligibility of organization and subscribers to receive discounts, at its sole discretion
  • Site license applicants must provide listing by person or employee type to receive subscriptions, as approved by MCOL
  • Username/password and email distribution policies for site licenses to be mutually agreed upon by the parties