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HealthQuest Online Directory Database subscriptions provide searchable and exportable on-line 24/7 access to four HealthQuest directory databases: The National Managed Care Leadership Directory, Accountable Care Directory, Medicaid Managed Care Directory and the Medicare Managed Care Directory.

All data fields incorporated in each of the four directories are accessible with the online subscription. Searches may be organized by Companies, Parent Companies, Employees, or for organizational summary information by each Directory.

The HealthQuest Online Directory Database includes over 1,900 organizations and over 13,000 employees listed. All companies are categorized by company type and include full company contact information. All employees are classified by standardized job functions. 44% of employees have direct phone numbers or extensions, and 25% of employees have email addresses indicated.

Search criteria includes standardized selections such as by Directory or State for Companies or Employees; Job Function by Employees or Company Type for applicable Directories. Search criteria can also be input by keyword, company or employee names or additional criteria. Search results include options to export data in .csv and additional formats, and to link for additional detailed information for a selected record when applicable.

The HealthQuest Directory Online Database reflects updates made to applicable HealthQuest directories throughout the year, as opposed to the annual or semi-annual updates published for release with each individual directory.

With a HealthQuest Directory Database Online Subscription, you can target your information using powerful searches for records contained in all four HealthQuest directories, and access and export selected records from these databases anyplace, any time online. An annual on-line subscription is priced at $1,495 for single users, with discount credits available for current existing individual directory customers. For site license quotes, contact MCOL at 209.577.4888 or use the contact form

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Data fields included in the Database

Company information includes these data fields:

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Phone
  • eMail/Fax (when available)
  • Website
  • Parent Company (when applicable)
  • Company Type (health plan, provider network, Specialty Organization, Administrative Organization, PBM/PDP, or State Agency)
  • Directories the company is listed in
  • Full State Name
  • Company ID#

Employee information includes these data fields:

  • Employee Full Name
  • Company
  • Title
  • Primary Job Type (33 standardized categories – see Data Specifications and Breakdown)
  • Secondary Job Type (when applicable to title)
  • Direct Phone (when available)
  • Email (when available)
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Suffix (when applicable)

Accountable Care Summary Information for Applicable Companies includes:

  • Company
  • ACO Org Name (if different)
  • Service Area
  • Medicare ACO Type (when applicable)
  • Primary State Served
  • Commercial/Other Plans (when applicable)
  • Medicare ACO# (when applicable)
  • Medicare Start Date (when applicable)
  • Medicare Members (when available)
  • Commercial/Other Members (when available)
  • # Physicians  (when available)
  • Provider Affiliations (when available)
  • Admin/Other Affiliations (when available)

Medicaid Managed Care Summary Information for Applicable Companies includes:

  • Company
  • Medicaid Plan Name (if different)
  • Primary State Served
  • Program 1 (applicable to State MCOs)
  • Program 2 (when applicable)
  • Program 3 (when applicable)
  • Program 4 (when applicable)
  • Program 5 (when applicable)
  • Enrollment (when available)
  • Category (National MCO, State Agency or State MCO)

Medicare Managed Care Summary Information for Applicable Companies includes:

  • Company
  • Contract Name
  • Primary State Served
  • Plan Name 1
  • Plan Name 2 (when applicable)
  • Plan Name 3 (when applicable)
  • Contract 1 #
  • Contract 2 # (when applicable)
  • Contract 3 # (when applicable)
  • Contract 4 # (when applicable)
  • Contract 1 Type
  • Contract 2 Type (when applicable)
  • Contract 3 Type (when applicable)
  • Contract 4 Type (when applicable)
  • Contract 1 Effective
  • Contract 2 Effective (when applicable)
  • Contract 3 Effective (when applicable)
  • Contract 4 Effective (when applicable)
  • Contract 1 Enrollment
  • Contract 2 Enrollment (when applicable)
  • Contract 3 Enrollment (when applicable)
  • Contract 4 Enrollment (when applicable)
  • Total Enrollment