National Managed Care Leadership Directory

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Published October 2022

The National Managed Care Leadership Directory is the ideal tool for networking, recruitment, research, sales prospecting and more! What makes the Directory unique is that it covers multiple industry segments related to managed care and not just health plans; reports on a broader range of staff positions; and categorizes each position by standard job functions.

The Directory is available as a PDF file. Also available is a database/PDF bundle which includes the entire directory in multiple database and spreadsheet file formats, plus the PDF version of the Directory. The database files also include direct phone extensions and email addresses (not included in pdf) for a limited number of employees (see more on the Database/PDF bundle.)

The 2022 Directory has 674 pages with 7,464 executive listings from 1,207 companies, with a varying number of key executive positions listed per company. Companies reported include health plans, provider networks (IPAs, PHOs, CINs, ACOs with commercial managed care arrangements, and selected PACE programs), PBMs, administrative organizations (quality improvement organizations, utilization and disease management organizations, TPAs, and insurance exchanges) and specialty organizations (dental, vision and behavioral.)

Pricing is for individual use, with copying of electronic files or making available on a server prohibited. Site licenses are available for up to a specified number of users. Contact MCOL for a site license quote.

Learn more by watching the video and checking out sample pages and statistics on the directory below:

Directory Database and PDF bundle

Priced at $645, the National Managed Care Leadership Directory Database/PDF bundle provides the Directory Database in multiple database and spreadsheet file formats, licensed for unlimited use by the individual licensee, plus an electronic PDF version of the Directory book. Use the database to set up or supplement your own contact database, or to generate mail or phone campaigns, and even email campaigns for a limited number of employees.

The database files include the data fields provided in the book/pdf format, plus direct phone/extensions and email addresses when available. There is direct phone/extension data for 17.1% of employees listed, and email addresses for 16.8% of employees.

The following file formats are included:

  • Adobe Acrobat version of Leadership Directory Book (Directory22.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word formatted for Avery 5161 1” by 4” mailing labels sorted by zip (Labels22.doc)
  • Microsoft Access (nmcld2022.accdb)
  • Microsoft Excel (Company.xlsx and Employee.xlsx)
  • Comma Delimited (CompanyCSV.csv and EmployeeCSV.csv)

You do not need to use all the file formats provided. Instead, select one or more of the file formats that is compatible with how you desire to use the database, and with any software applications you desire to use the database in. To work with your desired file format, download the file onto your hard disk drive from the Download Center, and then open or import the file from your applicable software application.

Two files provided are not applicable for database use. Directory22.pdf is an adobe acrobat version of the Book form of the Directory. Labels22.doc provides an employee mailing label-ready file. The Microsoft Access database includes tables that include all components of the database. The Microsoft Excel and comma delimited files are available in two versions: “Company”, which includes company only data without employee names, and “Employee” which includes employees with applicable company information for each employee. The database provides one or two standardized job functions (JIDs) for each employee. Refer to Data Description section in the NMCLD Database User Guide should you wish to review additional detailed data field information.