Accountable Care Directory 2021

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The ideal resource for collaborating, networking, recruiting, marketing or monitoring of Accountable Care Organizations. The Accountable Care Directory 2021 incorporates extensive updates. The Directory is available as an 804 page softcover book, or in electronic pdf format, and encompasses:

  • Organizational Directory of 801 selected ACOs, indicating Direct Contracting Entity (New for 2021), Next Generation, MSSP and other Accountable Care models and applicable Tracks and start dates for Medicare ACOs as of date of publication; plus a wide range of ACOs serving selected Commercial, Medicaid and other populations. Contact and summary information is provided for each organization, along with a listing of key individuals with leadership or operational involvement. 4,811 of these individuals are listed, with direct phone and email contact information when available.
  • Executive Profiles providing contact and biographical information for 212 executives and thought leaders involved with Accountable Care representing a wide range of organizations including provider organizations, health plans, research organizations, government, solutions providers and others.
  • Indexes for convenient navigation and reference organized six different ways

A database in Microsoft Excel is also available, only for purchasers of the Directory, for an additional $285 that provides the organization and employee contact information including mailing address, phone, web, and fax/email (fax/email when available). The database is subject to applicable terms and conditions of use.

The pdf version of the directory includes active links for the website and e-mail addresses listed in the Organizational Directory.

As Accountable Care Organizations are often technically structured as virtual organizations, utilizing established PHO or other provider networks and network management, applicable contact and summary information, as well as the specific executives and other individuals involved with the ACO can be difficult to research and accurately identify. Leverage MCOL's HealthQuest Publishers' Accountable Care Directory 2021 to help fulfill your business objectives in the Accountable Care environment in the coming year and beyond!

The Accountable Care Directory 2021 is available for $198 in electronic pdf format, or $239 as a softcover book. An optional database is available for purchasers of the book or pdf, for an additional $285. Pricing is for individual use, with copying of electronic files or making available on a server prohibited. Site licenses are available for up to a specified number of users, and an enhanced database is available for site license users purchasing the database for five or more users. Contact MCOL for a site license quote.

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Directory Database

A database in Microsoft Excel is also available, only for purchasers of the Directory book or pdf, for an additional $225 (if purchased later - or with additional savings if purchased as a bundle) that provides the organization and employee contact information including mailing address, phone, web, and email (email when available). The database is subject to applicable terms and conditions of use.

The Accountable Care Directory 2021, compiled by MCOL’s HealthQuest Publishers, offers a unique resource for Accountable Care stakeholders and others monitoring the industry.  Included is an Organizational Directory of 801 selected Accountable Care Organizations, indicating Next Generation, MSSP and other Accountable Care models and applicable Tracks and start dates for Medicare ACOs as of date of publication; plus a wide range of ACOs serving selected Commercial Medicaid and other populations. Also included are Executive Profiles of Accountable Care executives and thought leaders, as well as indexes for referencing individuals and organizations included in this Directory.

Additional Information

The Accountable Care Directory 2021 includes listings for 596 Medicare ACO and 317 Commercial/Other ACO arrangements (some ACOs serve both populations.) The 2021 directory incorporates all  Medicare ACOs, and extensive updates to prior listings of Medicare, commercial and other ACOs, including the following: 

  • Addition of 46 new ACOs (including addition of the Direct Contracting Entity model) and deletion of 34 prior listed ACOs
  • Addition of 1,646 new ACO employees and deletion of 1,809 terminating employees
  • Update of 50 mailing addresses, 179 phone number, 75 email and faxes, and 117 website addresses for prior listed ACOs
  • Update of attributed member data or participating physician data for 415 ACOs

The Organizational Directory includes summary information about the 801 selected ACOs, as well as a listing of 4,811 key persons with leadership or operational involvement with the ACO. Summary information provided for each ACO includes:

  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Fax or email (available for 56% of ACOs listed)
  • Web Site
  • Service Area
  • Medicare Program (see listing of applicable categories below)
  • Medicare Start Date (When applicable)
  • Commercial/Other Programs (when applicable)
  • Provider Affiliations (when applicable and not included in the organization name)
  • Administrative Affiliations (when applicable and not included in the organization name)
  • Number of Physicians (available for 72% of ACOs listed)
  • Estimated Medicare and Commercial/Other Members (available for 68% of ACOs listed)

For applicable employees listed for each organization, the following information is provided:

  • Employee Name
  • Title
  • Phone (Different lines listed for 28% of employees, otherwise use main organization number listed)
  • e-mail (available for 31% of employees listed)

For Medicare ACOs, their applicable program will be listed from among the following categories:

  • Comprehensive ESRD Care
  • Direct Contracting Entity (New for 2021)
  • MSSP Adv Basic Track B
  • MSSP Adv Basic Track C
  • MSSP Adv Basic Track E
  • MSSP Adv Enhanced Track
  • MSSP Adv SNF Basic Track E
  • MSSP Adv SNF Enhanced Track
  • MSSP AIM Basic Track B
  • MSSP AIM Enhanced Track
  • MSSP AIM SNF Enhanced Track
  • MSSP AIM Track 1
  • MSSP Basic Track A
  • MSSP Basic Track B
  • MSSP Basic Track C
  • MSSP Basic Track D
  • MSSP Basic Track E
  • MSSP Enhanced Track
  • MSSP SNF Basic Track C
  • MSSP SNF Basic Track E
  • MSSP SNF Enhanced Track
  • MSSP SNF Track 1+
  • MSSP Track 1
  • MSSP Track 1+
  • MSSP Track 2
  • Next Generation
  • Vermont All-Payer ACO Model

    The Organizational Directory is presented alphabetically by state, with the state corresponding to the primary state in which services are rendered. There are organizations which are administered outside the service area state, and in these situations the contact information for the organization will correspond with another state than the service area state order in which the organization is listed. 

    801 ACOs were selected for the Organizational Directory, and undoubtedly additional Commercial or other ACO programs are under development or potentially operating at this time. While the Organizational Directory lists all Medicare ACOs operating under contract as of the time of publication, the commercial and Medicaid ACOs included in the Organizational Directory were selected on the basis of prominence and documented evidence of ACO activity, as opposed to inclusion of "ACO-like” arrangements or past announced potential organizations that do not have current documented activity, which have been included in some third –party reports and census on ACO activities. It should be noted that while there are a number of new Medicare ACOs reflected in this Directory, a material number of MSSP ACOs have dropped from the program during the past year.

    Some employees are listed in multiple organizations, based upon their simultaneous assumption of responsibilities for applicable organizations.

    The Accountable Care Directory also includes Executive Profiles of 212 selected executives and thought leaders nationally identified with Accountable Care. The Profiles are provided in alphabetical order by the individual’s name. Each Executive Profile includes the following information:

    • Organization, Mailing Address
    • Fax & email (fax available for 27%; email available for 25% of listings)
    • Executive Bio
    • Education (when available)

    The following Indexes have been provided in the Accountable Care Directory, which incorporate organizations and individuals listed in both the Organizational Directory and the Executive Profiles; it should be noted that organizations incorporated into the indexes from the Executive Profiles include entities that are not ACOs (and were included because the individual was involved with ACO thought leadership.)

    • Individuals by Organization
    • Individuals by State
    • Organizations by Name
    • Organizations by State
    • Affiliated Providers and Administrative Organizations Listed
    • Organizational Additions and Deletions to the Directory
    Detailed Statistics on The Organizations and Employees Listed in The Directory