Accountable Care Executive Summaries

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Three Executive Summaries are available for purchase

  • ACO Basics Executive Summary
  • ACOs by the Numbers Executive Summary
  • ACO Performance Case Studies Executive Summary
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    Healthcare stakeholders need to have comprehensive Accountable Care knowledge resources at the ready, in order for their organizations to be positioned and compete in today’s value-based world. The Accountable Care Executive Summaries offer concise valuable accountable care learning resources for a very affordable price.

    The available Accountable Care Executive Summaries include:

    • ACO Basics: an 8-page Executive Summary overviewing the definitions,  features, and success factors involved in accountable care, and the structure and components of the CMS Medicare Shared Savings Program, ACO REACH model, and Kidney Care Choices model. A ten-question quiz is also provided.
    • ACOs by the Numbers: an 11-page Executive Summary with key tables and charts are provided for these seven selected topics:
      • Medicare 2022 ACO Participants by Category          
      • Medicare ACO Percent Attributed Members by State
      • Medicare Shared Savings Program Fast Facts
      • Largest MSSP ACOs by Attributed Members
      • Administrative Organization ACO Affiliates
      • ACOs by City, State of Headquarters
      • Largest ACOs by Number of Physicians       
    • ACO Performance Case Studies: a 12-page Executive Summary offering summary highlights for 22 Accountable Care Organizations and ACO solutions companies regarding their successes during the most recent MSSP performance year.

    The Accountable Care Executive Summaries are also available as components of the HealthExec Learning Accountable Care e-Book. Click here to find out more about the e-Book.

    Each Accountable Care Executive Summary is available for $10 in electronic pdf format, and may be purchased separately or in any combination. Order above online, or to order by phone call 209.577.4888. To order by mail/fax: download the order form.