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HIPAANow! Choice training and compliance system is the up-to-date system that meets all of the requirements of the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, and includes all updated forms and documents from the final regulations to HIPAA and the HITECH a It is designed to assist employers in establishing a compliant HIPAA program for their employee health plans. The system includes an evaluation of your health plans to establish your organization’s compliance requirements; staff training; and all the forms, documents, policies and procedures to support your HIPAA compliance program.

HIPAANow! Choice is the most value-packed compliance solution for HIPAA compliance and is available for only $299.00.

Tailored to Your Plans
HIPAANow! Choice configures itself to give you exactly what you need for compliance based on the set-up of your health plans.

Most complete
All three parts of the law: Transactions, Privacy and Security are included, along with state-law pre-emption and free updates. No additional purchases needed or upgrades to buy in the future.

Interactive CD-ROM gives you complete written and audio step-by-step instructions, along with all of the forms, policies and documents required.

You can complete your compliance in as little as two hours!

Most Affordable
It’s available for all of your health plans for only $299.00!

Comprehensive Answers to Your HIPAA Questions

The Resource section of HIPAANow! Choice provides HIPAA-related information PLUS updates in response to future changes in HIPAA regulations. The following are included - just click to access. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions.  Answers to questions which often arise regarding the original and new HIPAA regulations and compliance issues
  • HIPAA Timeline.  HIPAANow! Choice provides a handy timeline for implementation of various provisions of the HITECH Act
  • System Update List.  A list of regulatory changes and updates to HIPAA, as well as list of updates to any HIPAANow! Choice documents to help you stay current
  • System Forms & Documents.  Provides you access to the latest versions of forms, documents, policies or procedures. In addition - available as Word documents or PDFs
  • Quarterly Updates.  Your HIPAANow! Choice system includes regulatory developments, legal updates, and industry news, and more – delivered directly to you four times a year.  There is no additional charge for these updates

Special Introductory Pricing

HIPAANow! Choice’s value is almost beyond calculation.  Yet a single-user license to is yours for just $299.  Weigh that against the cost of a single fine – or worse yet, a crippling lawsuit – and our value becomes clear.

Your Satisfaction is Unconditionally Guaranteed

You never take a chance with HIPAANow! Choice.  If this service fails to meet your needs – at any time, for ANY reason – let us know.  We will IMMEDIATELY refund 100% of your purchase price – no hassles, no questions asked.