Managed Care Training Manual - Version 18

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  • Five videos included
  • Intro to Managed Care executive style presentation with 14 chapters and interactive quizzes
  • Advanced Topics module with 90 white papers
  • Additional modules including Fact Sheets, TimeLines, Datamaps, and Infographics
  • Site Licenses with Instructors Kit also available
  • Over 530 pages of total content, plus over 38 minutes of video content

The single most effective, affordable and easy to use e-learning application for professionals involved with managed care at all levels! An ongoing resource to easily raise the managed care IQ in any organization.

Learn more by watching this overview video on using the Training Manual:

  • Managed Care Primer Video: a seventeen minute video presentation summarizing a spectrum of managed care concepts
  • Value Based Care Primer Video: a fun five minute video covering the basic concepts behind value based care
  • Evolution of Managed Care Video: an entertaining 4.5 minute presentation on the history of managed care
  • Infographs and Factoids Video: a fascinating 9.5 minute presentation of selected infographs and factoids packed with key relevant information
  • Overview Video: a two minute video overviewing how to use the TrainingManual (also provided above)
  • Intro to Managed Care: 14 Chapters and optional interactive quizzes. The Manual covers 166 pages in executive-style bullet sentence format, plus optional interactive quizzes at the end of each chapter.
  • Advanced Topics: with 90 selected white papers covering 244 pages of detailed narrative, divided into six sections by subject matter.
  • Managed Care Fact Sheets with eight key pages providing statistical snapshots and graphs on the state of the managed care industry
  • DataMaps covering 36 different topics illustrating applicable data by state
  • TimeLines with five pages of Managed Care History in chronological order
  • Infographics covering 52 different topics illustrating relevant data points
  • Support Section with instructions for use, technical support, contact information and terms of use
  • Click here to view sample pages from the manual

The Managed Care Training Manual is available for $198 in electronic pdf format with five companion videos in MP4 format. Order above or to order by phone call 209.577.4888. Detailed technical information and Terms of Use are available for review.

Version 18 of the Training Manual has been updated for 2021 including:

  • Addition of a new Evolution of Managed Care video and a new Infographs and Factoids video
  • Updates to the Managed Care Primer, and Training Manual overview videos
  • Updated content to the Intro to Managed Care and Managed Care Fact Sheets modules
  • Addition of 8 new white papers in the Advanced Topics module
  • Addition of 16 new items in the Datamaps module, replacing applicable previously included datamaps
  • Addition of 20 new items in the Infographics module, replacing applicable previously included infographics

Contact MCOL to request a site license quote for your organization. Site licenses include a special Instructors Kit, which includes:

  • Study guide with detailed content listing referencing applicable page numbers
  • Powerpoint slides for the Intro to Managed Care module
  • Powerpoint slides accompanying the Managed Care Primer video
  • Narrative text for the applicable video modules
  • Supplemental quiz with answer key