The Medicare Managed Care Directory

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  • The ideal networking and business intelligence resource for Medicare plan stakeholders
  • Available in 634 page pdf format, with optional database available
  • 712 organizations and 4,695 employees included in Directory listings
  • Directory of 651 Medicare contracted health plans including Medicare Advantage and related plans
  • Directory of 61 Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)
  • Directory of 62 CMS Medicare staff executive profiles
  • Summary plan data including enrollment, and detailed CMS contract information
  • Organization and employee contact information included
  • Three separate indexes provided for navigational convenience

The Medicare Managed Care Directory, compiled by MCOL’s HealthQuest Publishers, offers a unique resource for Medicare Advantage health plan and Medicare Prescription Drug Plan stakeholders and others monitoring Medicare managed care. Included are Organizational Directories of Medicare health plans and Medicare PDPs. Key staff are listed for each organization. Also included are Executive Profiles of CMS Medicare executives and staff, as well as indexes for referencing individuals and organizations included in this Directory.

The scope of the Medicare organizations listed in this Directory includes Medicare contracted Medicare Advantage and related health plans and Medicare contracted Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs.). For convenience, organizations with multiple Medicare contracts being served from the same location are merged into one listing in this Directory.

712 organizations and 4,695 employees are included in the Directory listings. Some employees are listed in multiple organizations, based upon their simultaneous assumption of responsibilities for applicable organizations involving their parent or affiliated organizations.

The Medicare Managed Care Directory is available for $178 in electronic pdf format. An optional database is available for purchasers of the book or pdf, for an additional $225. Pricing is for individual use, with copying of electronic files or making available on a server prohibited. Site licenses are available for up to a specified number of users, and an enhanced database is available for site license users purchasing the database for five or more users. Contact MCOL for a site license quote.

Learn more by watching the video and checking out sample pages and statistics on the directory below:

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Updated Information

The Medicare Managed Care Directory reflects extensive updates to the 2021 Directory, including:

  • Addition of 40 new health plans and PDPs and deletion of 20 prior listed plans and PDPs
  • Addition of 1,259 new employees and deletion of 494 terminating employees
  • Update of 9 mailing addresses, 15 phone numbers, 10 email or faxes, and 26 website addresses for prior listed plans or PDPs
  • Update of enrollment and contract data for all listed plans and PDPs
  • Addition of 23 new CMS staff and deletion of 12 prior listed CMS staff

Medicare Health Plan Directory

The Medicare Health Plan Directory includes summary information by state for 651 Medicare health plans, as well as a listing of 4,472 key relevant health plan staff. Health plan staff with no Medicare relevance are not listed, such as with positions specific to Medicaid or commercial products.

For each organization, the following information is provided:

  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Fax or General E-mail address (available for 49% of plans listed)
  • Web Site
  • Contract name (Entity name entering into the contract)
  • Parent Company (when applicable)
  • Total Enrollment

For each Medicare contract the organization serves at that location, the following summary information is provided:

  • Contract Name (Entity name entering into the contract)
  • Plan Name
  • Contract #s (multiple listed with combined data for same contract type)
  • Contract Type: (1876 Cost; Demo: Medicare-Medicaid Plan; HMO/HMOPOS; HCPP - 1833 Cost; Local CCP: HMO/HMOPOS; Local CCP: Local PPO; MSA; National PACE; PFFS; or Regional CCP: Regional PPO)
  • Contract Effective Date
  • Contract Enrollment

Medicare PDP Directory

The Medicare PDP Directory includes summary information listed alphabetically nationally for 61 Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, as well as a listing of 223 key relevant PDP staff. Staff with no PDP relevance are not listed. 

For each PDP, the following information is provided:

  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Fax or General E-mail address (available for 25% of MCOs listed)
  • Web Site
  • Parent Company (when applicable)
  • Contract name (Entity name entering into the contract)
  • Plan Name
  • Contract #s (multiple listed with combined data for same contract type)
  • Contract Effective Date
  • Total Enrollment

For applicable key Medicare health plan and PDP staff listed for each organization, the following information is provided:

  • Employee Name
  • Title
  • Phone (only listed when a direct number different from the main organization phone number is available – for 19% of employees listed, otherwise use the main organization number listed)
  • e-mail (available for 19% of employees listed)

CMS Medicare Executive Profiles

The Medicare Managed Care Directory also includes CMS Medicare Executive Profiles of 62 CMS Medicare executives and staff. The Profiles are provided in alphabetical order by the individual’s name. Each Executive Profile includes the following information:

  • Title and Office within CMS
  • CMS Mailing Address
  • Phone, & email
  • Executive Bio

Directory Indexes

The following Indexes have been provided in the Medicare Managed Care Directory, which incorporate organizations and individuals listed in both the Organizational Directories and the Executive Profiles.

  • Individuals by State
  • Organizations by Name
  • Organizations by Parent Organization

Directory Database

A database in Microsoft Excel is also available, only for purchasers of the Directory pdf, for an additional $225 (if purchased later - or with additional savings if purchased as a bundle) that provides the organization and employee contact information including mailing address, phone, web, and email (email when available). The database is subject to applicable terms and conditions of use